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Our Farm


Our Garden

We have many Fruit Trees and Plants here on our farm. We have Apple’s, Pear, Blueberries, Strawberries, and Raspberries. We have a large vegetable garden all summer long that we grow Corn, Cukes, Tomato, Peppers, Onion, Potatoes, Lettuce, Carrots, Herbs, Pumpkins & much more. You can find all of these delicious treats at our seasonal Farmstand in the summer and fall!!

Our Farm Animals

We currently have 75 free-range chickens. Black Cooper Marans to the rare Ayam Cemani’s! We have fresh eggs as well as baby chicks available in the spring. You can usually see our Beef & Dairy Cows grazing in the fields. We also raise Pork & Poultry! 

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